Tecosol - Biodiesel-Produktionsanlage in Süddeutschland

Business group

Beside our biofuel production as core activity of our business, Tecosol GmbH and her subsidiaries work on optimizing the entire value chain.

Tecosol GmbH produces our core product Campa biodiesel fuel as well as the heating fuel Liquid Organic Energy  (LOE).

Tecosol GmbH
Jahnstraße 2
D- 97199 Ochsenfurt

E-mail: info@tecosol.de
T.: +49 (0) 9331 / 98 15 - 0
F.: +49 (0) 9331 / 98 15 - 50

Local court Würzburg
HRB 10311
Tax ID number: DE 245846185

ZG Raffeisen Biofuels Gmbh is responsible for purchasing the feedstocks for our Campa biodiesel and the Liquid Organic Energy, as well as selling and distributing these products to our customers.

ZG Raiffeisen Biofuels GmbH
Lauterbergstraße 1–5
D- 76137 Karlsruhe

E-mail: info@zg-biofuels.de
T.: +49 (0) 721 / 35 21 855
F.: +49 (0) 721 / 35 22 51 297

Local court Mannheim
HRB 721264
Tax ID number: DE 297739648

Hydroxy Energy GmbH is competent in glycerin processing. Business aim is splitting up the glycerine phases arising from biodiesel production and recycling the substances gained back into the production process as well as selling our product technical glycerine to the market.

Hydroxy Energy GmbH
Jahnstraße 2
D- 97199 Ochsenfurt

E-mail: info@hydroxyenergy.de
T.: +49 (0) 9331 / 98 15 - 33
F.: +49 (0) 9331 / 98 15 - 50

Local court Würzburg
HRB 13042
Tax ID number: DE 305349960

Tecosol Schweiz GmbH with its office in Lengwil in the Canton of Thurgau is entrusted with the import and sale of biodiesel fuel into the Swiss market.

Tecosol GmbH
Kreuzlingerstrasse 5
CH-8574 Lengwil

E-mail: info@tecosol.ch

Commercial Register of the Canton of Thurgau
TR 6228
Tax ID number:

Climate Protection with Biomass

Even before the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, renewable energies and climate protection were becoming more and more important. Changes to the global climate are increasingly noticeable. It is therefore more crucial then ever to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).
The production of sustainable energy from biomass is an important step towards conserving valuable resources and protecting the climate. This is why we dedicate ourselves here at Tecosol to the production of biodiesel.

Our special Raw Material Mix

As an innovative company in the biofuel production sector, we are ready to face the demands of the market as well as the public debate: we are future-oriented, technophile, innovative, quality conscious and reliable as well as an environmental sustainability-conscious company.

We focus on an optimized mix of raw materials derived from vegetable fatty acids, used cooking oils and clean vegetable oils. Further we are aible to use raw glycerine arising from the biodiesel production process and recycle it into our plant.


Even biodiesel is made by humans: management, shareholders and employees ensure Tecosol’s success by working closely together.


In spring 2009, Dr. Ralf Türck (chemist; technology and management) and Michael Lendl (business economist; finance and marketing) were appointed as Managing Directors at the shareholder meeting. They are supported by Dr. Heiko Kalpen (plant manager) and his great expertise and experience.

With their technological expertise and consolidated knowledge in plant engineering, the Tecosol management team is continuously developing further our production processes, thus ensuring our future viability as a technologically leading company in the biofuel industry.

Core of our biodiesel and refining plant are our employees with their special technological know-how. Their great expertise, years of experience and shared enthusiasm for our products constitute our companies` strengths. We see ourselves as a team where each individual contributes to our joint success.

Our management, operating and laboratory personnel usually has several years of practical experience. A part of our operating personnel has been involved in the competent biofuel production at the Ochsenfurt site since 2000. Whether we work in the operating laboratory, the pilot plant, in logistics, production or administration – together we promote Tecosol’s development.


Our biofuel plant at the Südzucker site in Ochsenfurt was developed from the former Campa AG, which started operations as the third biodiesel plant in Germany at the beginning of 2000. Our established biodiesel brand “Campa-Biodiesel” is reminiscent of that time.


In spring 2009, the Tecosol GmbH took over the company, the plant and a part of the former staff. Since October 2010, Tecosol is certified according to the Biomass Sustainability Regulation (BioSt-NachV). The required mass balance was implemented into the ERP system.

Due to our investments in our production plant as well as in our operating and office equipment over the last years, we are now a capable and pioneering company in the biofuel market.

The location and site of our production plant in Ochsenfurt are easy to reach and accessible via various means of access (road, railway, river). There are short distances between us as biodiesel manufacturer and the refineries in the South of Germany.


We pay special attention to the political dimension of our product and to the market dynamics for biofuels and see ourselves as ambassadors for a new approach in the use of renewable energies. We are therefore available for plant visits and professional discussions.


It is to us a matter of concern to point out the benefits and opportunities resulting from the production of energy sources from biomass. With our exceptionally advantageous raw materials, we can defend ourselves against the critics who claim that the production of biofuels leads to the destruction of food and the environment.

We invite anyone interested in convincing themselves of the feasibility of a responsable biodiesel production to come and visit us at our plant in Ochsenfurt.